Week Nine

Hello! We are back from our Long Study Tour and enjoying a beautiful fall week in Stockholm. Paris was lovely, but I really missed it here! This week includes: Day 60: Hotdog Söndag | Day 61: Normal Day | Day 62: Priority Setting and Graphic Design | Day 63: Nostalgia in Nature | Day 64:…

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Week Eight — Long Study Tour: Paris

Here it finally is: the Affective Neuroscience Long Study Tour to Paris! Each Core Course at DIS has a week-long excursion to another place in Europe to get new perspectives about their studies. Some students have this week off for personal leisure, and their Core Course’s Long Study Tour will be in November. But for…

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Week Seven

Welcome to Week Seven! Fall is here which means perfect weather for walks and exploring all the nature Stockholm has to offer. This week includes: Day 47: Comedy | Day 48: Doodle School | Day 49: Psychogeography | Day 50: Fotografiska (again) | Day 51: Ladybugs & Lab | Day 52: New Furry Friends Day…

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Week Six

Another update on my time in Stockholm!!! This week includes: Day 40: Walkin’ Around | Day 41: Sweden vs. Slovenia | Day 42: Choking Down Crickets | Day 43: What’s Around DIS | Day 44: Don’t Worry, Darling (we worried) | Day 45: Cozy | Day 46: Happy Birthdays via Meat on a Stick Day…

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