About Me

Hej! My name is Allison Kachelhofer (she/her), and I’m from Birmingham, AL. I’m a junior at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA majoring in Neuroscience with Psychology and Philosophy minors on the pre-med track. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to document my travels abroad through the DIS Stockholm program!

At DIS I’m taking the Affective Neuroscience core course and corresponding Lab, as well as Medical Ethics, Nordic Contemporary Art, and Swedish Language and Culture I.

Some things I like…

  • reading books (perpetually rereading the Harry Potter series)
  • watching movies and TV shows (Criminal Minds is my comfort show)
  • listening to music (my Spotify Wrapped is my personality)
  • drawing/painting (just for fun)
  • hiking/camping/bouldering
  • soccer/volleyball/going to the gym
  • my dogs, Trix and Oreo
  • eating food

Feel free to reach out!

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