Week Nine

Hello! We are back from our Long Study Tour and enjoying a beautiful fall week in Stockholm. Paris was lovely, but I really missed it here!

This week includes:

Day 60: Hotdog Söndag | Day 61: Normal Day | Day 62: Priority Setting and Graphic Design | Day 63: Nostalgia in Nature | Day 64: Econ and Hammarby | Day 65: Yellow Friday | Day 66: Konsert | Day 67: Witches

Day 60: Hotdog Söndag

October 16

On Sunday we felt called to get hotdogs (or korv) and tried to go to the #1 place, Günters, but they were closed, so, naturally we went to the #2, Brunos Korvbar, which is just a little stand on a street in Östermalm. We ordered the Kabanoss and the Tyrolean which were messy and delicious. We walked over to Humlegården to take some pics for Christina’s photography project. Today’s weather was actually insanely gorgeous — all the leaves were falling and twirling in the wind and the sun was streaming through the trees and there were so many dogs and families. We were kicking at leaves in a ginormous pile like toddlers when an actual toddler toddled up to us and tried to kick the leaves but it fell down. The parents were approaching so we ran away to avoid a conversation in Swedish — that is if they would have even said anything at all as Swedes are non-confrontational.

Day 61: Normal Day

October 17

Monday was just a normal day of classes recapping our Paris trip in Affective Neuroscience and learning more Swedish in Swedish (surprise). Later we played Bananagrams again and I was pretty proud of my board this time if I do say so myself 🤓

Day 62: Priority Setting and Graphic Design

October 18

On Tuesday in Medical Ethics we had a really interesting guest speaker, Lars Sandman, who specializes in ethical and organizational issues in the delivery of healthcare, and he headed a committee to make new allocation guidelines in Sweden after COVID hit. He talked about how Sweden’s priority setting in healthcare is based on 3 principles: human-dignity principle, needs-solidarity principle, and cost-effectiveness principle. These basically say that care is non-discriminative, distributed according to need, and has a reasonable relationship between cost and effect in terms of health. The presentation was cool to hear about from a U.S. perspective because our healthcare system is very different from Sweden’s.

In lab we continued working on our top-secret experiment, of which I included a picture of some behind-the-scenes at the computer. We also had to design some fliers to get participants and, though ours was pretty good, the group below’s flier was my favorite.

Day 63: Nostalgia in Nature

October 19

Wednesday was the most beautiful day!!! I had no Field Studies, so I slept in and got Thai House Wok for lunch (they have delicious Pad Thai.) We took a jaunt around Långholmen and Reimersholme, the two itty bitty islands off of Södermalm. We hiked here the first week with the Outdoor LLC, and it’s been such a nice way to escape from the city while still being in the city. The only difference was that the Outdoor LLC walk was in August when everything was verdant and summery, so it’s amazing to see the seasons change so dramatically– and kind of nostalgic to see how not just the seasons had changed since that second day in Stockholm. Even though it was kind of freezing, we got some gelato at Gelateria Amore (stracciatella + coffee and strawberry) but it was kinda nasty and tasted like Laffy Taffy, so I don’t recommend. Despite the unfortunate snack, the day brightened as the sun set because it was BEAUTIFUL 🌅

Day 64: Econ and Hammarby

October 20

On Thursday my Nordic Contemporary Art class took a little walk to the Stockholm School of Economics to check out their Art Initiative that displays exhibitions and video-based art into the hallways and classrooms of the school to expand knowledge and learning.

One of their exhibits, Goldin + Senneby’s Banca Rotta (Switzerland, 17th Century, oak), sits in the library as a reminder of economics history and origins of bankruptcy. The piece is a 17th-century money dealer’s table broken in half, alluding to the practice of the same result when a money lender in Italy would run out of money, his trading bench would be broken signaling that he was out of business. The word “bankrupt” comes from the Italian word for broken bench, ‘banca rotta.’ Another piece of art that was kind of surreal to see Clay Ketter’s Pirate Lane (2007), an overhead shot of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina displayed all the way here in Stockholm. It puts into perspective the magnitude of the destruction visually and the lasting impact on people emotionally.

That night for dinner, we devoured some kebab at Folkets Kebab on Hornsgatan before heading to Tele2 Arena for the Hammarby vs. IK Sirius game in the Allsvenskan football league. The metro trains to get there were packed with fans in green and white while we wore our neutral black outfits until we could buy some merch at the stadium. The Sweden’s national team fan base compared to the professional league’s fan base is a joke. There were so many people and so much more excitement — they were singing songs/chants walking to the stadium, and there were triple the number of merch stands (we got a bucket hat and a classic scarf 💚) The game was really good even though they tied 1-1. The other team’s section next to us used smoke flares, so even though we could feel our lungs dying, it made for some cool pics. The only other bad part was that I was trying to take a BeReal and, during the selfie, missed the goal that happened right in front of us 😫 Anyway, I’m glad BeReal logged me out because it’s registered with my U.S. number, so I can’t log back in until I put my other SIM card in — probably for the best 🙂

Day 65: Yellow Friday

October 21

Having the sun set at 5:30 and staying at DIS until 4pm for lab makes for some lovely golden hour pictures, and DIS looked TOO photogenic this Friday. We had a chill night in and cooked our own dinner (which looks restaurant quality to be honest).

Day 66: Konsert

October 22

On Saturday we did a little shopping around T-Centralen and indulged in some American snacks (Hohos and Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos) from the Tasty America kiosk — my heart was happy but my bank account was not as the single bag of Cheetos was ~$10 💔

October 22 is a day I’ve been waiting for since March when I bought a ticket to the Gregory Alan Isakov concert here in Stockholm. I sadly only bought one ticket back then because I didn’t know if I’d have any friends to go with (sad), but thankfully I made some friends and got more tickets. They wouldn’t refund me for the single one, but it was so worth it — though I could see my empty seat ahead of us the whole night haha.

Before the concert, we got dinner at Ristorante Nove Italiano where we devoured risotto and arrabbiata con salsiccia 🤤

The concert was incredible!!! Gregory Alan Isakov’s songs are folk/acoustic and often sad (lol), and the recorded versions are amazing, but he was so much better live somehow. I’ve listened to him since 7th grade so this was super special. To sum up the concert, here is a quote he said:

“This is one of our happier songs…so we’re just gonna get it out of the way. It’s called Dark, Dark, Dark.”

After the concert we went out and had a fun night in Gamla Stan 🥰

Day 67: Witches

October 23

On Sunday, we stopped by Sophie’s Cafe for brunch (had a pesto mozzarella sandwich that was amazing) — the staff there are so nice. Afterwards we went to the Halloween store to find some sort of costume, and it was absolute chaos in there. After living here for a while, you would think that Swedes wouldn’t want to go all out for a stupid holiday that they barely even celebrate, but no. After squeezing through the masses in the basement of this place, we ended up finding some witch hats (bypassing random American political costumes) and going out to Gamla Stan to find some pumpkins to carve. We put on the witch hats for fun and definitely got some looks from locals (not very Jantelagen of us), but a lot of kids loved it and vocalized that — one repeatedly said “Witches!!!!” as we passed.

Gamla Stan did not have pumpkins anywhere, but we at least got to stop by Stortorget (oldest square in Stockholm) and its iconic buildings — a nice man took our picture in exchange for his picture taken too. We eventually found pumpkins in Hornstull and carved them that night — I did a simple little smiley face 😀

That’s all for now! There will be another update later this week. Thanks so much for reading ❤

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